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PubsterMax Instant Site Creation Software

PubsterMax Instant Site Creation Software

PubsterMax is the revolutionary new way to build revenue generating web sites.

You give PubsterMax the topic, and PubsterMax creates a web site, fills it with interesting content, and pulls in all the revenue generating ads and products from Google, Amazon and eBay (and even YouTube).

You don't have to worry about products to sell, or taking orders, or shipping items to customers. Pubster generates income for you via ClickBank, Google AdSense Ads, Amazon Affiliate sales, and eBay auction sales.

To see how PubsterMax works, check out the PubsterMax Video Tour.

Once you have created a PubsterMax site, it will run on its own, always showing the latest information, ads, and products to visitors, and generating income for you each time a visitor clicks on an ad, or purchases an item from Amazon, eBay, or thousands of PubsterMax advertisers.

To get your copy of PubsterMax today, visit PubsterMax Product Details and Order Page.

PubsterMax Product Details and Order Page

PubsterMax is an all-in-one solution
· Instantly creates revenue generating sites
· No coding, html or scripting required
· Up and running in minutes
· Create an unlimited number of sites
· Automatically incorporates YouTube videos
· Automatically includes Amazon and eBay listings
· Automatically includes Commission Junction listings
· Automatically includes ClickBank listings
· Automatically includes AdSense ads, too
· Automatic page content or enter your own
· More than 25 customizable design templates
· Easy to use, password protected admin panel

Want to know more? Check out our FAQs.

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